This band last even till now for more than 24 years after it was dismantled we work together individually making processes in techno music,jungle and house. Nadja Pagana Kreatic System was borned out from a happening and festival in Tacheles squat house in berlin named Nadja Pagana Kreativ System Revenge that was "Krash the System" inbetween bands from Belrin and other countries. From the record what we can say it is the compilation of ideas from different bands inbewteen 2 persons and that ws Ken Mutant and Juan Mutant studying criminology from squats and psychology of desire. The band was a duality inbetween two persons and different worlds,one was poethic and the other was instrumental. By the way there is something else to say about the opinion from all the people which gathered together for making festivals with music,films,painting and arts and that was sculptures in electronic and all that consisted in arts in general from Eastern Germany and the fall of the wall from divided Germany. They met in Madrid(Spain)where Ken morked as a dj and they founded Deliriant Mutant(Crossover style).

projects and albums released of their work Edit

"Nadja Pagana" formed a basis for Follow The Dollar
"Crash the System",90s in "Squatterland" of East Berlin
"HUman Replicant"
"Unable Topokes"
"Eye in the ear" special music for images and Vj's
"Transmutanderthal" an advanced introspective from D. Mutant's sound

Schedule Edit

Deliriant Mutant Cult Underground band (89-91) January Juan Mutant is deported
Moved: Amsterdam 90
LDJ 31st Dec 90
Gewleweg March 91
Moved: Berlin 91
Tacheles April 91
Eimer May 91/Sep 92/Mars 93
Linien Sek-Oct 91
Supra Molly Nov 91
Travel: Budapest Summer 92
2 concerts
July 92
Summer Festival of Budapest July 92
DM Back in Berlin
Dunckersrasse Archa Nov 93
2 last concerts
Sek 94