Although this wiki makes sense of the discography there are a number of discrepancies in it. These tend to occur earlier on while Juan was still experimenting with media and packaging.

Track titles Edit

One of the biggest problems with the discography is the titles. This may simply be because of the large volume of music recorded which Juan didn't give titles to. Amusingly one of the many early tracks has the title "No titles please". In all, seven albums have the correct titles.

These are:

  • Follow the Dollar (although disc 2 tracks 1-5 are unnamed and 6-13 are misnamed)
  • Iconoclasta
  • Extreme File X (although after disc 1 the titles are mismatched)
  • Cold Static
  • Transmutanderthal
  • Muzak Sampler
  • Zen Sampler

28/08/69 has track-names which refer to a different track so not all tracks were unnamed. Disc 2 of Zen Sampler backs this up.

Only possible MP3 Edit

Originally, Juan released his albums, or at least sent them to CD Baby, on as many audio CDs as it would take. However, as he admitted: "The cd is got from tapes but we have passed it to the language of MP3 as it is so long. Nowadays we can buy 10 cds for the 1 but then we had the ambition of only 1 cd. Now it is 10 for 1(more less 10 cds in 1 cd).". Thus, Juan only sent an MP3 CD when stocks ran out. This includes the Canonical 6, two of which were produced with up to 10 CDs in wallets.

Re-release of material Edit

Although the Juanthologies are a great place to start, they are numerous and sometimes navigating them can be a task of its own. Due to Juan's mental condition, this may cause him to release many albums often with the same, or very similar, material on them.

Even between Iris Is Missing and 22/08/69 there are some same tracks although at least half of the material is unique and the two albums sound and play slightly different.

CD Baby catalogue Nos Edit

These are mostly accurate, although there are places where things don't line up.

For example, the following two albums "The Real Sampler" and "Pink House Red". They were both released on the same day so its very possible that they were simply apportioned numbers on the fly.

In fact, on closer inspection, the "vol.s" are what number that disc came in each of the complete sets.

CD labels Edit


Juan Mutant

2004: Iris Is Missing22/08/69Sampler • Classic Whitehouse Red In Nairobi Versus MoabitFollow The DollarNadja Pagana Kreativ System Buenos Aires Argentina
2005: Today I Woke Up And Was Back To Life • I Don't Have That Album • Juan Mutant vs Tnatum Nauj • The End of Deliriant Mutant • Pink House Red • The Real Sampler
2006: IconoclastaExtreme File X • My 1st Opera • Out From the Wall • Iris Is Detected • 0 Gates • Extreme File Soil • Extreme File Error • Cold StaticTransmutanderthal
2007: Krash Down • Nonsense Appeal • Endless Mortality • End of Joking Madness • Pack Man • Knock Out • End of the Night • Out of Order • The Relief
2008: Muzak SamplerZen Sampler • Iris Is Found • Gay Games

Groups: Deliriant Mutant • Nadja Pagana Kreativ System • De Eenheid • Boris Karloff y las Guadañas

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