Album Name Artwork Source Subject
Iris Is Missing IIM CDa 1881-garfieldassassination James A Garfield's assassination
(De Eenheid) Sampler DES ART Serie-krieg-internet Soldiers in southern Iraq
Classic Whitehouse Red... BKYLG ART Vanillaskyh The Dakota. Manhattan, New York
Follow The Dollar FTD CD1 Catherine Palace. St. Petersberg, Russia
The Real Sampler TRS ART 250px-PubTThou01.jpg Nightmare at 20,000 Feet, The Twilight Zone
Iris Is Detected IID ARTa 3D83C83976199AE2C0850683EBE3E33D B1280 1280 340 439 Che Guevara and daughter
Cold Static CS ART 250px-Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-M1204-319%2C_Berlin%2C_Reichskanzlei%2C_gesprengter_F%C3%BChrerbunker.jpg The demolished Führerbunker. Berlin, Germany
The Whitehouse Red Recovery Ww2 hiroshima Hiroshima, Japan post bombing
The Regime As It Goes 250px-CheOnBike1950.jpg Che Guevara on Le Poderosa in the Argentine Northwest
Record Release Dr-mabuse-der-spieler-cinema-1922 Dr. Mabuse the Gambler
Exile Express Fotografia-APEn-FBI-Mark-Felt LNCIMA20130526 0277 1 20th January 1958 photograph of Mark Felt at Salt Lake, Utah by Howard Moore
Bunker Leonardo da Vinci engraved by Raphael Morghen 1817 1 1817 engraving of Leonardo de Vinci by Raphael Morghen
Trash Tra ART 250px-Nagasakibomb.jpg Atomic bombing of Nagasaki, Japan
Avoid Danger Christ the Redeemer atop Corcovado. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Hello Earth 140911-M-ZZ999-004 American Airlines Flight 77 "attack" on The Pentagon after the September 11 attacks
Back To Basics Tren a las Nubes at Viaducto la Polvorilla. Salta Province, Argentina
Goodbye Girl Mosqueterosdeltango fotoJorgeBosch "Los mosqueteros del tango"
Juan Mutant

2004: Iris Is Missing22/08/69Sampler • Classic Whitehouse Red In Nairobi Versus MoabitFollow The DollarNadja Pagana Kreativ System Buenos Aires Argentina
2005: Today I Woke Up And Was Back To Life • I Don't Have That Album • Juan Mutant vs Tnatum Nauj • The End of Deliriant Mutant • Pink House Red • The Real Sampler
2006: IconoclastaExtreme File X • My 1st Opera • Out From the Wall • Iris Is Detected • 0 Gates • Extreme File Soil • Extreme File Error • Cold StaticTransmutanderthal
2007: Krash Down • Nonsense Appeal • Endless Mortality • End of Joking Madness • Pack Man • Knock Out • End of the Night • Out of Order • The Relief
2008: Muzak SamplerZen Sampler • Iris Is Found • Gay Games

Groups: Deliriant Mutant • Nadja Pagana Kreativ System • De Eenheid • Boris Karloff y las Guadañas

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