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iTunes Title
1. "Kill the Dog In You"  1 Next Time  
3. "Beyond This System"  3 Threatened By Case  
4. "Mind And Will"  4 aquire  
5. "Delay Was Our Treasury"  5 disguize  
6. "Anyway"  6 fake  
7. "Messenger"  7 names  
8. "Here Where The Weather Is Always Storm"  8 numbers  
10. "Mind And Will"  0 sales  
12. "Anyway"  w dreams  
14. "Here Where The Weather Is Always Storm"  r One More Time  
16. "Beyond This System"  y tremble  
17. "Dishwasher"  u tremolo  
18. "Dishwasher"  i Wammy Bars  
19. "Kill The Dog In You"  o wank  
20. "Primitive of Civilization"  p harm  
21. "Tomorrow Never Comes"  a useless  
22. "Tightrope Walker"  s Time Need  
23. "Cracks"  d telephone  
24. "What A Surprise"  f system  
25. "Insane Distortion"  g 11  
26. "Slow Impact"  h 12  
27. "Walls In Berlin"  h13  
28. "Platform Nbr 1"  j 14  
30. "N/A"  l 16  
31. "Slow Impact"  ñ Wrong Number  
33. "Walls In China"  x queenies  
34. "Dead Man"  c strenght  
37. "can't You Understand You Are Your Own Enemy"  n You Name It  
38. "Brainblock"  m Mister X  
40. "Messenger"  2 Number 13  
41. "Suburbs"  3 Flight 666  
42. "Abnormal Detections Nbr 0"  4 Take That  
43. "Roots"  5 No One Answers  
44. "Into The Universe"  6 So Many Names  
45. "Nadja Pagana"  7 Too Many Rains  
46. "N/A"  8 Chathic Lunatic  
47. "Other Places New Faces"  9 loons  
48. "Other Places New Faces"  0 So Beware of Silence  
49. "Prisons"  Q unaware  
50. "Prisons"  W Swimming Pool  
51. "Sense Has No Feelings"  E Guessing the Truth Sometimes Is Difficult  
52. "Sense Has No Feelings"  R Tightrope Walker  
53. "Gather With The Earth"  T Wrapped In Wired Fence  
54. "Gather With The Earth"  Y Sprinkling Blood Over the Dead Black Flowers  
56. "Battlefield"  I Want Another Bite of Red Black Flower  
57. "Battlefield"  O the Twerps of Destiny  
58. "Battlefield"  P Serves the Meat Upon a Tray  
59. "Battlefield"  A and Now They Are So Distressed  
60. "Grave Life"  S According to My Meaning This Was  
61. "Grave Life"  Delay Was Our Treasury  
62. "Ducks"  F and of Course There's No Regrets  
63. "Ducks"  G Always Say Yes  
64. "Son Of A Machine"  H Always Yes  
65. "Son Of A Machine"  J and Now I Know  
66. "Remote Sense Manipulators"  K Dispoliteness of Being  
67. "Remote Sense Manipulators"  L Is Being Shy Upon Someone Else  
Juan Mutant

2004: Iris Is Missing22/08/69Sampler • Classic Whitehouse Red In Nairobi Versus MoabitFollow The DollarNadja Pagana Kreativ System Buenos Aires Argentina
2005: Today I Woke Up And Was Back To Life • I Don't Have That Album • Juan Mutant vs Tnatum Nauj • The End of Deliriant Mutant • Pink House Red • The Real Sampler
2006: IconoclastaExtreme File X • My 1st Opera • Out From the Wall • Iris Is Detected • 0 Gates • Extreme File Soil • Extreme File Error • Cold StaticTransmutanderthal
2007: Krash Down • Nonsense Appeal • Endless Mortality • End of Joking Madness • Pack Man • Knock Out • End of the Night • Out of Order • The Relief
2008: Muzak SamplerZen Sampler • Iris Is Found • Gay Games

Groups: Deliriant Mutant • Nadja Pagana Kreativ System • De Eenheid • Boris Karloff y las Guadañas

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